Surface Pro 4 teardown: Get a closer look at the components that makes the tablet tick (gallery)

This is how a Surface Pro 4 looks from the inside.

Surface Pro 4 teardown

The guys from iFixit have teardown the Surface Pro 4 to give you a closer look inside of the components and to assess how likely you will be able to repair the tablet. As it turns out the new Surface Pro 4 is two-time more repairable than the Surface Pro 3, but it’s nothing to be happy about. The previous generation of the tablet had 1 out 10 reparability score, and now Surface Pro 4 has received a score of 2 of 10, which makes it almost impossible to repair.

According to iFixit, if you needed to repair your Surface Pro 4, you could theoretically replace the Solid-State Drive. Then the battery is attached with a strong adhesive that makes the entire replacement process very hard.

You could replace a few parts, but you still have to get inside of the tablet, which is not easy. The Surface Pro 4 uses non-standard connectors that make the display removal a complicated task, but iFixit notes that the procedure to remove the display is easier than the Surface Pro 3, because it uses less adhesive.

The bottom line is that if you get a new Surface Pro 4 simply spend a few more extra dollars and get the warranty. It’s not worth to go through all the trouble.

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Above, you will find a few images of the disassembly process, but you can view the entire teardown at iFixit. It’s important to point out that iFixit has the teardown of the Surface Pro 4 featuring the Intel Core m3 processor, as such there is not fan cooling the system, but the enclosure still retains the vents holes.