Surface Pro 4 has new Type Cover made of luxurious Alcantara fabric

Microsoft introduces new Signature Type Cover for its Surface Pro 4 made of two-tone mélange Italian Alcantara fabric. It's available now for $159.99.

Signature Type Cover for Surface Pro 4 covered in luxurious Alcantara fabric

Microsoft introduced its Surface Pro 4 tablet along with a far much more improved Type Cover with better key spacing and a trackpad that is 40 percent larger than the previous version.

There is also a version of the Type Cover with fingerprint reader that can enable Surface Pro 3 to take advantage of Windows Hello on Windows 10.

Today, the software giant is adding yet another Type Cover for its line of Surface devices. However, this time around the new cover it’s not about improving performance, but to improve style.

The new accessory is a luxury high-end cover that the company calls, the “Signature Type Cover”.

The new keyboard is made from a two-tone mélange Italian Alcantara fabric “material ages beautifully, growing richer and darker over time and is wonderfully soft to touch”. Material that is commonly used on luxury products and fashion industry.

Aside the new high-end martial used on the product, the Microsoft Signature Surface Type Cover is exactly the same as the cover the company has designed for the Surface Pro 4.

The new accessory is available now through the Microsoft Store for $159.99, and you can use it on your Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 3.

Source Microsoft via Windows Central