How to take screenshots on a Windows 10 Mobile phone

Here's how easy it's to take a screenshot using your Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone 8.1 handset.

Take screenshot on Windows 10 Mobile

Taking screenshots with our mobile devices has become a ubiquity thing to do. Virtually every phone using the latest operating system includes the ability to capture anything from a screen. If you have a Windows 10 Mobile or an older Windows Phone 8.1 handset, you can also take screenshots very easily.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easy steps to take a screenshot using on your Windows 10 phone or Windows Phone 8.1 for those moments when you want to capture an SMS conversation that you want to keep or an error message you want to research.

How to take screenshots with a Windows phone

  1. Open the screen you want to capture.

  2. Press and hold the Power and volume-up buttons simultaneously.

If you perform the task correctly, you should see the Saving to Screenshots message in the top-left corner of the screen. All captures by default will save with a PNG file format on File Explorer > Pictures > Screenshots for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

Saving to Screenshots folder - Windows 10 Mobile

As a note, remember that previous versions of the mobile version of Windows, including Windows Phone 7.8, do not feature screenshot capability.