Turtles And Tortoises theme for Windows 10

Turtles And Tortoises theme for Windows 10 (download)

This new theme free for Windows brings to your desktop backgrounds the gentleness of the turtles and tortoises. Turtles date from 220 million years ago making them more ancient than crocodiles in the group of reptiles.

In this collection you’ll enjoy the best close ups for this week when you download these stunning 20 images. From the sweet newborns not even out of their eggs yet, to the older adults in the group of turtles; you’ll find them here on their way to the sea, others sunbathing, and the rest on their way for more adventures.

If the images rotate too quickly on your desktop, after applying the theme go to Settings > Personalization > Background, and use the Change picture every drop-down menu to adjust the image rotation frequency. You can find more great themes in my Desktop Fun section.

Important: This Windows Theme is compatible with Windows 10 devices, as it’s only available through the Microsoft Store.
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