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Removing Office

How to uninstall Office 365 or Office 2019/2016 on Windows 10

Here are the easy steps to get rid of Microsoft Office from your Windows 10 PC, if you don't like product or you're having issues and you need reinstall it.

After installing the suite of Office apps on Windows 10, you may have a lot of reasons to uninstall them. Perhaps, you’re trying to free up a license of Office 365 (Office 2019 or Office 2016) for another device, things may not be working correctly and you’re trying to reinstall the software to fix any issues, you don’t like the product and you want to downgrade to a previous version, or you just want to uninstall the suite permanently.

Whatever the reason there might be, there are at least a couple of ways to uninstall Microsoft Office from your computer.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to quickly uninstall Office from your Windows 10 installation, including Office 365, Office 2019, and Office 2016.

How to uninstall Office from Windows 10 using Settings

To uninstall Microsoft Office from Windows 10 with Settings, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on Apps & features.

  3. Select the Microsoft Office 365 installation, or the name of the suite you purchased like “Microsoft Office 365 Home,” or “Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019.”

  4. Click the Uninstall button.

  5. Click the Uninstall button again.

    Uninstall Office using the Settings app on Windows 10
    Uninstall Office using the Settings app on Windows 10
  6. Continue with the on-screen directions to complete the task.

Once you complete the steps, the suite of Office app will be removed from your device.

Alternatively, and on previous version of the OS, you can open Control Panel and uninstall the suite from Programs and Features.

How to completely uninstall Office using the easy fix tool

Microsoft provides an easy fix tool to help you quickly uninstall Office 365, Office 2016 or 2013 completely from your computer.

To use the “Uninstall Microsoft Office” tool to remove the suite of apps from your device, use these steps:

  1. Download Office easy fix tool from Microsoft. 

  2. Double-click the file to launch the tool.

  3. Click the Next button.

  4. Click Yes to completely uninstall the suite of Office apps from your device.

    Office easy fix tool to completely remove the suite
    Office easy fix tool to completely remove the suite

Office should be completely gone from your Windows 10 PC, and now you can move on or reinstall Office 365 from your Office online account or manually using the standalone installation for Office 2016.

It’s worth pointing out that you can’t uninstall individual apps anymore, such as Word or Excel, using Office 365 (Microsoft 365). However, you can still remove individual apps when you purchase the standalone version of the suite.