Modern Run command

Windows 10 is getting an Apple Spotlight-like launcher

Microsoft is planning to replace the Windows 10 Run command with a modern experience that will also support custom search engines and plugins.

Windows 10 PowerToys launcher (source: Niels Laute via GitHub)

Microsoft is building a new launcher app to replace the Run command (Windows + R shortcut) on Windows 10 that looks a lot like the Spotlight feature on Apple’s operating system.

The new launcher is expected to feature options to instantly search for apps and files across the system and supported plugins, since Microsoft will also allow developers to plug into the experience.

In addition, it’ll also include support the use different search engines, which is quite different from the Start menu that uses Bing search and Microsoft Edge to open results exclusively.

Of course, similar to the current Run experience, the new app will include support to quick launch Command Prompt, PowerShell, Registry, and many other shortcuts.

The first preview of the launcher is planned to arrive in May 2020. Initially, it’ll only support some basic search functionalities, but in future updates, Microsoft plans to make the “Windows + R” replacement more powerful with more features to make power users more productive.

The app will be included as part of the PowerToys bundle, and the company is actively searching for a name.