Windows 10 build 10031 shows new login screen fully integrated (screenshots)

This is the new login screen in Windows 10.

Windows 10 wall sign

We were waiting a new preview build of Windows 10 in February, but it didn’t happen, now we’re in March and every time we click the update button nothing happens. However, this isn’t stopping us from getting a glimpse of what is to come in Windows 10.

Recently, we’ve seen screenshots of build 10031 with a few new improvements, such as transparency in the Start menu and a few tweaks. Today, a Russian website published several new screenshots from the same build number of Windows 10 that show a new login screen implementation that doesn’t require to modify the registry.

In this version of Windows 10, we can still see the presence of Internet Explorer 11, which suggests that build 10031 doesn’t include Project Spartan, feature Microsoft has confirmed will come included in the next release.

Also, we can now see that the new box dialog with modern design is more integrated in the operating system, before in only a few scenarios we’re able to see the new box style.

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Microsoft has been a bit silent about the next released of the operating system for Windows Insiders, but we hope the company makes a new build available to play will all the new features, including Project Spartan.

Source WZor via Neowin