Windows 10 build 14271 for PC: Hands-on with the new Taskbar and Accounts settings (video)

Watch this: On this new hands-on video, we'll go through the changes and improvements found in the Windows 10 Redstone (build 14271) for PC.

Windows 10 build 14271 recently rolled out to the Fast ring of updates for PC. This is yet another preview Microsoft has released as part of Redstone, which is the next major update of Windows 10 due later this year.

Officially, build 14271 doesn’t include big changes, instead users will find a number of bug fixes to improve the functionality of the operating system. However, there are a few new visual changes that are worth pointing out of this new release.

In Windows 10 build 14271 for PC, we can now see that Microsoft continues to move features to the Settings app, such as the case of the taskbar options. In the new release, on Settings > System, we can find a new Taskbar area that includes all the options you’ll find in Taskbar and Start Menu Properties, including the options to auto-hide the taskbar, configure multiple displays, and the ability to replace Command Prompt with PowerShell in the Power User menu.

In addition, Windows 10 now splits the Your email and accounts section on Settings > Accounts. Moving forward users will find Your info and Email and apps accounts instead.

Build 14271 also includes a few new tweaks on Action Center and there are updated playback controls in the taskbar preview.

In the YouTube video that I’m added to the Pureinfotech channel highlights all the changes and other details.

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