Windows 10: Command Prompt maximizes in full screen in build 9860

Command Prompt maximize full screen and transparency

As we already know Windows 10 is the next operating system from Microsoft focus on Enterprise more than it is focus on home users. Although all the new changes will benefit everyone, even more for those users (like me) who use Windows every day with the keyboard and mouse. Many of these new features are now part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview such as the new Start menu, windowed Universal apps running freely on the desktop, virtual desktops, and an improved Snap mode helps users to be more productive.

For IT professionals, Microsoft is also adding a few changes to the Command Prompt, in build 9841 the company included standard text selection, cut, and copy and paste. But to my surprise in the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860, the software giant is finally allowing users to maximize the Command Prompt utilizing the full screen like normal application do, instead of just expanding a quarter of the screen as we used see.


Old Command Prompt expanded

Even more, the Command Prompt in this latest preview, adapts to the DPI settings for those using a retina display.


Command Prompt new full screen mode

This might not be a big change, but it certainly is a huge improvement for all those IT administrators who troubleshoot network access and Windows problems in the daily basis.

It’s worth noting that Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9841 included a new Experimental tab on the Command Prompt Properties, but the new improvements didn’t quite work well. Now in build 9860 things are a bit more smoother and maximizing full screen in turned on by default and transparency is also supported (featured image).

Windows Command Prompt experimental settings

If you already download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860, open the Command Prompt and click the maximize button. Awesome, right?