Windows 10 Fall Creators Update won’t include Timeline feature

Microsoft cuts out Windows 10's Timeline feature from the Fall Creators Update, as well as the cloud-power Clipboard.

Windows 10 Timeline feature

Microsoft confirms that Windows 10’s Timeline feature won’t arrive with the Fall Creators Update. Timeline is a feature that allows you to view all tasks you’ve been working across devices and easily pick up where you left off, including on Windows 10 devices, as well as on Android and iOS.

Although the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (FCU) still includes a long list of features and improvements, such as the new Fluent Design System, OneDrive Files On-Demand, and My People, many users are looking forward to this new feature. However, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group, Joe Belfiore has now confirmed that Timeline will arrive in the next major update of Windows 10 planned for March 2018.

On a Twitter conversation, Joe Belfiore said “Timeline won’t be in the Fall Creators Update”. However, testers can expect to see this feature soon after the upcoming version of Windows 10 rolls out, as Belfiore continued saying “We’re planning for it to be in early insider builds shortly after FCU is out.”

In addition, Microsoft is also cutting off its cloud-powered Clipboard feature that allows you to easily copy and paste content between devices.

The news shouldn’t come as a surprise, Microsoft has a record revealing features that eventually don’t make the cut into the final version. The same happened with extension support for Microsoft Edge and My People, which are features that were planned to arrive in different feature update releases.