Windows 10: How to get the Start screen back

Windows 8 Start screen touch gesture

If you embrace change like me, you probably feel already comfortable using the Start screen in Windows 8.1, in your PC or tablet, but as you might have noticed Microsoft is toying with new features in Windows 10, one of them is the new Start menu that many customers and enterprises have requested.

So if you prefer to use the Start screen from Windows 8.1 instead of the Start menu, in the Technical Preview, Microsoft added an option to bring it back. However, its worth noting that modern Universal apps will continue to open in the desktop and not in full screen as you see in Windows 8, and activating the Start screen in Windows 10 doesn’t bring back the modern version of Internet Explorer either.


1. Click Start, type “navigation properties”, and select the item from the result.

2. Navigate to Start Menu, clear the “Use the Start menu instead of the Start screen” check box, and click OK.

Remove the Start menu in Windows 10

3. As require, you’ll be prompted to sign out to apply the changes. Click Sign out and change settings.

4. Sign back in to Windows 10 and now the Start screen should be back.