Windows 10 preview includes bits of Cortana and speech personalization

Windows 10 bliss

It’s not a secret that Microsoft is working to bring its personal assistant, first released in Windows Phone 8.1, to Windows 10. But today, the first solid evidence of Cortana, personal digital assistant, now appears in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9879. 

We’ve seen some evidence before, but the latest release of Windows 10 build 9879, which Microsoft made available to the fast ring of the Windows Insider Program, shows deep into “zPC settings” (a development version of “PC settings”) the first settings for Cortana and speech personalization.

Cortana appears in Windows 10 Technical Preview

The new Cortana settings are located in the Cortana and speech section under the Privacy page on the development version of PC settings, and it clearly shows that these options are aimed to customize the feature for your computer.

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These particular settings are located in the Privacy page, because Windows 10 will collect data from inputs in Cortana or speech to learn from your behaviors, locations, and other preferences. And it makes sense for the company to add settings to control what information gets stored in your device. Although, to remove data collect in Bing, you’ll actually have to go to to manage that data.

Although, this is a small piece of information, it clearly shows that without a doubt Cortana is coming to Windows 10.

Via Neowin