Windows 10 Preview to RTM planned to be an upgrade option, Microsoft says

Windows 10 red Start menu

While Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 to the public in late summer and early 2015, Windows Insiders are already wondering which will be upgrade path options. In particular users are asking if those running the Windows 10 Preview builds will be able to upgrade to RTM once the operating system releases.

According to Gabriel Aul from Microsoft, who is part of the Windows Insider Program team, users a very likely to be able to upgrade from Preview to RTM. The Tweet below shows a user asking this question to which Gabriel replied: “Yes, that is our intent.”

Although, the answer is not final, most of the time, Microsoft doesn’t comment to questions if they don’t already know the plan. As such we can clearly assume the company will offer an upgrade path from Preview to the final version of Windows 10 when it launches.

However things are subject to change as there could be many factors along the way that could halt the plan, affecting millions of users who will have to install Windows 10 from scratch.

Source Twitter via Neowin