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Microsoft launches Windows 10 release health dashboard

If your PC is having issues or you want to stay up-to-date with every quality and feature update information, you can now check the release health dashboard online.

Windows 10 release health dashboard

Alongside the new settings to allow users to decide when to upgrade Windows 10, automatic active hours, and improved backend intelligence to detect and block new feature updates on devices that may not have a smooth update experience, Microsoft is also launching a new release health dashboard online.

The new website is available now, and it’s been designed to provide (almost) real-time information about the status and known issues of quality and feature updates for any supported version of Windows 10, including for Windows Server 2019. (The page currently includes information about version 1809, 1803, and older versions, but eventually, it’ll also include the status and known issues for Windows 10 version 1903.)

The page is divided into sections (which you can navigate using the left pane), and each section includes details of each version of Windows 10. You’ll find information about the rollout of the new versions and cumulative updates as well as important announcements (using the “Message center”), Windows 10 release information, support updates, and related news.

Although this page won’t resolve every issue with updates, it’ll be a handy tool that allows Microsoft to better communicate the status of new rollouts and known issues, and it’ll help you find out more details and workarounds about a particular issue that you’re having with your computer.