Windows 10 for Xbox One will be available in November 2015

Microsoft confirms that Windows 10 for Xbox One update will release in November 2015 with a brand new user interface and Cortana integration.

Xbox One Windows 10 update - November 2015

Microsoft made the promise to bring Windows 10 to every device, including PC, tablet, phone, and Xbox, and while the operating system is now available for PC and tablets, at Gamescom the software giant has just announced that it will be rolling out the Windows 10 version of the operating system for Xbox One in November 2015.

Back in June the company showed off for the first time the new Xbox One user interface, which includes a brand new redesigned dashboard, Cortana integration, and of course all based on the Windows 10 core operating system. Today, Microsoft reveals that update for the console will arrive sometime in November with new changes focus on making the experience faster and more complete.

The new dashboard for Xbox One departs from a tile design, in favor of a Windows 10 look and feel, which looks very close to the Xbox app for Windows 10. Below you can watch the new Xbox One experience showed off by Microsoft back in June.

Microsoft’s walkthrough to the New Xbox One Experience