Windows 11 build 26217, 26120.670, 22635.3640 new features and hidden gems

Windows 11 receives some visual changes and fixes through the Canary, Dev, and Beta Channels, and here's all you need to know.

Windows 11 KB5037867
Windows 11 KB5037867 / Image: Mauro Huculak
  • Microsoft pushes three preview builds of Windows 11 in the Canary, Dev, and Beta Channels.
  • These are minor updates with some visual improvements, addition of new features, and fixes.
  • In addition, these previews also ship with hidden changes for File Explorer and Settings app.

Microsoft has released new preview builds for Windows 11 in the Canary, Dev, and Beta Channels of the Windows Insider Program. These are minor updates that roll out several fixes, visual improvements, and updates for existing features.

In this release, the company is making available Windows 11 build 26217 in the Canary Channel, build 26120.670 in the Dev Channel, and build 22635.3640 in the Beta Channel.

In this guide, I’ll give you a deep dive into the changes that Microsoft announced and that hidden gem that the company didn’t mention in any of the previews.

Windows 11 build 26217 changes (Canary)

As part of the changes for build 26217, Windows 11 is getting some visual updates for the “Rename your PC” dialog available through the “About” settings page to match the operating system’s design language.

Rename this PC new dialog
Rename this PC new dialog / Image: Mauro Huculak

The “Change date and time” dialog, which you can find on the “Date & time” settings page, has also been updated.

Change date and time new dialog
Change date and time new dialog / Image: Mauro Huculak

This release also includes a few fixes for the “Cameras” and “Color filters” settings.

Hidden changes for build 26217

Alongside the official changes, Windows 11 build 26217 hides a few other improvements that Microsoft didn’t announce officially. For example, on the “Update history” page, you will now find a new “AI component updates” section, which, as the name implies, will list the updates related to AI components.

AI componen updates
AI componen updates / Image: @PhantomOfEarth

It has also been found that the company is working on a bigger search box for the Taskbar, and it will appear when the device is in tablet mode.

Bigger search box
Bigger search box / Image: @PhantomOfEarth

Windows 11 build 26120.670 changes (Dev)

Microsoft is also releasing the Windows 11 26120.670 (KB5037869) in the Dev Channel as a minor update that only fixes issues with the Network Locations header missing in the “This PC” section of File Explorer.

In addition, you find fixes for the next secure record 3 (NSEC3) validation in a recursive resolver, domain controller, Windows Update, and Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) scenarios.

Windows 11 build 22635.3640 changes (Beta)

Finally, in the Beta Channel, the company began the rollout of the preview build 22635.3640 (KB5037867), which brings the new interface for creating 7-zip, TAR, and ZIP format archives with the option to choose different compression methods and compression levels (as applicable).

You can always create archival formats by right-clicking a folder or file, choosing “Compress to,” and then “Additional options” to bring up the “Create Archive” wizard to access the available settings.

Create TAR, Zip, 7zip UI
Create TAR, Zip, 7zip UI / Image: Mauro Huculak

The update KB5037867 also ships with Emoji 15.1 and rolls out new emojis, including head shaking horizontally and vertically, phoenix, lime, brown mushroom, and a broken chain.

In addition, this build pushes various fixes for File Explorer, Input, and Windowing.

Hidden changes for build 22635.3640

Furthermore, Windows 11 build 22635.3640 includes some hidden changes that are expected to become part of File Explorer.

For example, in this release, it was found that the “Home” page of File Explorer will be getting some new tabs. Under the “Quick access” section, you will soon be able to access files and folders from the “Recent,” “Favorites,” and “Shared” tabs.

File Explorer new home page / Image: Mauro Huculak
File Explorer new home page / Image: Mauro Huculak

This implementation introduces new visuals for the page when there’s nothing to show.

Installing these preview builds

To download and install these preview builds, enroll your device in the corresponding channel through the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Update & Security” section. Once you enroll the computer in the program, you can download the build from the “Windows Update” settings by turning on the “Get the latest updates as soon as they’re available” option and clicking the “Check for Updates” button.

In addition, Microsoft has also released a preview of the Patch Tuesday Update for June 2024 that will roll out many improvements for existing features, including changes for the Share interface, Start menu account manager, Linked Devices settings page, File Explorer, and more.

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