Windows 11 Copilot soon to receive new features

Windows Copilot AI could be getting several new features in the coming months.

Windows Copilot
  • Windows Copilot is expected to receive several new features.
  • The new features will be available through first-party plugins.
  • Some functionalities include launching apps, Task Manager actions, troubleshooting, and more.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to roll out even more features for its Windows Copilot to make the AI more capable. According to a post from @XenoPanther on X, the Copilot for Windows 11 will gain several new functionalities through first-party plugins.

Some of these new capabilities include launching apps, running actions from Task Manager, opening settings, troubleshooting, and more. For example, the “Accessibility Tools” will enable users to access accessibility features through the chatbot.

The “Clock Service” will bring the ability to set up timers, reminders, and alarms. The “Troubleshooter” feature will allow users to use the Windows Copilot to troubleshoot and easily solve common problems.

The “Task Manager Service” is an interesting feature that, if it becomes available, could make it easier to start, stop, or disable services on Windows 11.

Finally, the Windows Copilot is also expected to include the ability to launch applications without even opening the Start menu.

Although it’s unclear when (and if) all these features will be available for the chatbot, the company is already testing an early version of Copilot in the latest preview of Windows 11, and the company is expected to roll out the feature with the release of Windows 11 23H2 during the fourth quarter of 2023.