Windows 11 PC Health Check app now ready for download

The PC Health Check app is now officially available to confirm if Windows 11 will run on your PC.

Windows 11 PC Health Check
  • Microsoft officially releases the PC Health Check app.
  • The app will make it easier to check if Windows 11 will run on your PC.
  • The report will explain why the PC won’t run the new OS with details on how to fix the problem.

Microsoft re-released its “PC Health Check” app to allow users to check whether Windows 11 will run on their computers ahead of the October 5 launch. When the company first announced the new version of Windows, it did so with some confusion around the system requirements. However, to help users determine if the devices met the compatibility requirements, Microsoft made available the “PC Health Check” app.

Shortly after the app became available for download, the company pulled it out as a result of complaints about details and accuracy in the report.

Later on, the app came back, but as a preview, and it was only available for participants of the Windows Insider Program. And now, the “PC Health Check” app is officially available again, and you can download it now from Microsoft to confirm if your PC will run Windows 11 as soon as it’s ready.

The app is still the same as the previous version, with the difference that if the hardware isn’t compatible, you will get a message detailing why the device won’t run Windows 11. And if the hardware is compatible, you will receive a message confirming you can upgrade to the new version.

In a nutshell, Windows 11 requires an Intel 8th Gen or newer or Ryzen 2000 or newer processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and more importantly, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 and Secure Boot. You could always check the system specification manually, but the Windows 11 PC Health Check tool (now) makes it easier for anyone to determine the upgrade eligibility.

If you need additional assistant, you can use this guide to download and install the tool.