Windows 11 brings Studio effects to Quick Settings

The next feature drop for Windows 11 will include Studio effects settings in the Quick Settings flyout.

Windows 11 Studio effects
  • Windows 11 build 22623.885 brings Studio effects to the Quick Settings.
  • The feature is available for devices with Neural Processing Unit (NPU) support.
  • These settings should arrive to everyone in the next feature drop update.

Windows 11 now allows you to access Studio effects features from the Quick Settings flyout menu, starting with the preview build 22623.885 and higher releases.

The “Windows Studio effects” are a collection of features available on Windows 11 on devices, such as the Surface Pro 9 (5G), which have Neural Processing Unit (NPU) support as they use machine learning algorithms.

Some of these effects include background blur and Eye Contact to compensate for eyes looking at the screen instead of the camera. Also, Automatic Framing to automatically zoom and crop the image as you move around, and Voice focus that mutes background noises to help your voice sound crisp and clear.

If you have a device with an NPU, then in the next feature drop, you will be able to enable these features through the “Studio effects” settings in the Quick Settings (Windows key + A) flyout. The new interface will also include a live preview of the camera as you change the effects.

You can also access and configure these features by going to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Camera and selecting the front-facing camera.

Although Microsoft isn’t saying when these changes will arrive to users, they are expected to arrive with the next feature drop update for Windows 11.