Windows 7 runs on an Android watch, but it takes three hours to boot (video)

Someone managed to install Windows 7 on a watch, when Microsoft still hasn't put Windows in its own wristband.

While we’re still waiting for Microsoft to create a watch that actually runs on Windows, someone is already making a huge leap in the how this might work. On a new YouTube video, user Hacking Jules has managed to install the beloved Windows 7 on an Android Wear watch.

The installation process is pretty straightforward, but it’s all about patience, as it takes three hours for Windows 7 to boot up on the LG’s G Watch W100 watch and the 1.65-inch display makes it very difficult to navigate the operating system and get any productivity.

However, it’s amazing to see what people can manage to do and how the tiniest devices are capable of doing these days.

Although, no one is expecting you to try this to finish your Word document in your wrist, the person who created the video is also publishing a how to install Windows 7 on an Android Wear watch guide.

Source YouTube