Windows 8.1 (Blue) will bring boot-to-desktop option (Confirmed)

Windows Blue Start screen

The rumors were true, Microsoft will bring the boot-to-desktop option to Windows Blue. I previously wrote about a line of code that appeared in the leaked version for the upcoming upgrade of the operating system, but now undisclosed sources have confirmed that indeed Microsoft is more than considering, it is actually testing the option to bypass the Start screen at boot, allowing users get to desktop environment right-away.

According to The Verge report, boot-to-desktop will be disabled by default and users will have to change this behavior if they wish to sign-in straight to the desktop environment.

The new functionality will not change the behavior of how users access the Start screen or Charms. As I mentioned before the functionality doesn’t appear in the leak version of Windows 8.1, however the “twinui-CanSuppressStartScreen” is in the registry also confirming it.

Apparently the software giant is changing its approach on how people use Windows 8, going back to traditional habits. Boot-to-desktop is a welcome change and a highly requested functionality by businesses as well as from everyday users. And it makes you think that with the pressure Microsoft is facing today because of the decline of PC sales, if the company will also consider bringing back the Start button and the Start Menu back, just to make everyone happy — highly doubtful but possible.


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