Windows 8 Beta to improve the Start screen, Apps screen, jump lists and live tiles

Windows 8 - Apps screen

Windows 8 Beta: Microsoft is planning to introduce more improvements. You can expect to see a better Start screen, Apps screen, jump lists and live tiles in the beta release.

In a new blog post from Building Windows 8 site, Microsoft is letting users know that they are listening and paying attention to all the feedback, comments, and in the web reactions on Windows 8.

Customization improvements on the Metro Start screen

The software giant is in the works to let users customize the Start screen with more options in Windows 8 Beta. “The personalization of the Start screen is one of the features that we want to make great, and we’re still iterating on it and to make it better,” these were the words of Marina Dukhon, senior program manager lead on the Core Experience team, in a new post from the Building Windows 8 blog. In Windows 8 Developer Preview users were allowed to change their group sizes, unpin tiles and resize wide tiles to the alternative view (square). “In the Beta, you’ll also be able to use other improvements based on this dialog, in addition to creating, naming, and rearranging.”

Better experience on the Start screen for that big monitor of yours

Improvements on the experience of Metro style apps on big monitor is coming. Microsoft is planning to increase the number of rows of tiles that you can see on large monitors. This will allow Windows users to have more apps on the Start screen, which will make faster the launch of apps.

Apps screen improved

The App screen is another area that Microsoft is making more changes in Windows 8 Beta. Windows applications will be in groups; this means no more alphabetical list like in Developer Preview. This will make much easier if, for example, you are looking for something that you know came across in Microsoft Office, but you can’t remember the exact name for the app. This new view also fill with more content on your screen.

Jump lists and live tiles

In the blog post, Microsoft took the time to answer questions about the use of jump lists from Windows 7. “We knew it was important to keep jump lists on the taskbar for your most commonly used desktop apps. We wanted to build something more customized for Metro style apps” Dukhon said. The software maker’s view Windows 8 jump lists as a more application-centric. Microsoft is predicting that developers will go for the Windows Phone way and create pinable items inside their applications. Live tiles is another feature what will enable end-users and developers to interact even more with their apps.

Source Winrumors

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