Windows 8 Release Preview download availability on May 31st – Hinted by accident!

Windows 8 Release Preview scheduled for the first week of June

It seems that is going to be available for download earlier than expected. The original Microsoft’s plan was to release Windows 8 Release Preview the first week of June, but now in a poorly timed from Microsoft MSDN blog post (that was quickly removed) hinted the Release Preview availability for May 31st.

Chuck Chan, Vice President of the Windows Development team at Microsoft wrote an article on a new blog called “Windows Hardware and Driver Development Blog”, in which he says “We’re very excited to make available today the Windows 8 Release Preview”, and the post was signed and dated “Chuck Chan, May 31st”.

If there still any doubts about Windows 8 been available earlier than expected, take a look at the blog post that vanished after minutes of being published. While the download links provided at the end of the article will now redirect you to the Consumer Preview download page, they’ll take you to the Release Preview download page once Microsoft officially announce the launch. Until then you can read the short-lived accidentally released blog post from the image below.

Windows 8 Release Preview leak post

Download links

Source Neowin via The Verge