Windows 8 sales continue to grow, 60 million licenses sold thus far

Win8 sold 60 million licenses

Microsoft announces today that the company has sold 60 million licenses of Windows 8 to date. The news come from an announcement by the Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Tami Reller.

The number of licenses sold is a combination of sales to manufacturers  for new PCs and including the Windows 8 upgrade sales. “This is a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7.” — Tami highlights.

The software giant also reports that today there are more than 1,700 certified devices for Windows 8 and Windows RT — This is about 700 more devices than the number revealed back in October 2012, at the official release of the operating system. And since the launch of the Windows Store, the only store to get the new modern Windows 8 apps“the number of apps has quadrupled” and they surpassed the 100 million download mark.

It is worth noting that last night Steve Ballmer, active Microsoft CEO said that 10,000 new apps were added last month alone at his surprised appearance during the Qualcomm keynote at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. 

Source Windows Blog | Image header via Clubic