Windows 9 could include ‘virtual desktops’ feature

Virtual Desktops for Windows

Rumors about Windows 9 have been piling up for some time and together with recent leaks are giving us a good idea about what Microsoft is preparing for the next version of its operating system. Today there is yet another rumor regarding productivity. According to Neowin, it appears that the tech giant is considering to include virtual desktops feature in Windows “Threshold”.

Virtual desktops feature is nothing new, Windows had a utility from Sysinternals since Windows XP, versions of Linux like Ubuntu and even Apple’s OS X have similar functionality, but bringing a native virtual desktops to Windows 9 further confirms the company trying to make the OS more appealing to Windows XP and Windows 7 users.

Basically the virtual desktop feature allows to work in different tasks with different apps by helping you to stay focus and organized. For example, you can have Excel, a calculator, and a PDF invoice open in your “Work” virtual desktop, while you can create another desktop where you can browse the next thing you want to buy in Amazon.

This feature is really useful and users with laptops or computers with a single monitor will get the best benefits as they create multiple desktops to work on.

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Keep in mind that Windows “Threshold” still under development, this and other features may or may not make it into the final product. However if this feature makes it into the final version, it’ll be a welcome addition.