Windows 9 to feature interactive Live Tiles and notification center in Metro 2.0

Interactive Live Tiles for Windows 9 (Threshold)

Although Microsoft is keeping Windows Threshold well guarded to prevent leaks, details about the software still getting out. This time WinBeta reports that previous revealed interactive Live Tiles for the Metro user interface in fact will be part of Windows 9, as well as a new notification center.

Earlier this year the Microsoft Research team showed off a new concept known as interactive Live Tiles that further enhance the Start screen by making tiles more useful by allowing users to engage with items inside of tiles. The demo also showed that Live Tiles could get a lot bigger too, about three times of the current “wide” view. Apparently this supposed to be part of Windows 8, but it seems that the feature got pushed to the next version of the operating system. 

The next feature is a new notification center, according to the report it is unclear how this feature will actually be implemented, but apparently it’s in the works. Though, it’s assumed that it could work very similar to what Windows Phone 8.1 users are already seeing.

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These two features are expected to be included when the final version of Windows 9 ships in spring 2015. However, these features won’t be part of the next month technical preview that Microsoft is planning to release.

Microsoft will introduce Windows Threshold on September 30th, during a special press event. Among other features enterprise, developers, and tech enthusiast can expect to get a first look at the new Start menu, the drop of the Charms bar, and many other visual changes part of Metro 2.0.

Looking beyond the Threshold preview, the company is expected to bring other features like Cortana, windowed Metro-style apps floating in the desktop, virtual desktops, new flat design throughout the entire operating system, new version of Internet Explorer, and much more.