Windows 9 preview in the works to release in Q2 2015

win blue start screen art

New information suggests that Microsoft may be planning Q2-Q3 of 2015 as a potential date to release Windows 9 preview. The info originates from Faikee, who has been a reliable source for Windows leaks, including Windows 8.

Faikee recently posted an image which suppose to be an internal Microsoft information between employees and shows that the preview of Windows 9 is planned to release in Q2-Q3.

Previously we heard rumors of Microsoft targeting spring of 2015 as a potential release for Windows 9, and even though now we’re hearing Q2-Q3 time frame just to get a preview release, still isn’t a tremendous time difference, but it is behind schedule.

For Windows 9, we’re already expecting a lot of things such as Metro 2.0, ability to float Windows 8 apps on the desktop, user-interface update, and the Start Menu should have already been released by this time. Many are also speculating some integration of Cortana.

Getting Windows 9 out the door next year will mean Microsoft keeping the promise of rapid releases for its operating system and it also will help the company to restore Windows reputation as Windows 8, like what happen with Windows Vista, has tarnished the OS reputation, but in the case of Windows 8 for being having an ideal user experience. Although, Microsoft has been working around the clock trying to improve the operating system with Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update, which tremendously enhance the OS and improves the user experience for users with keyboard and mouse.

Like with every rumor, take this information with a grain of salt, as anything can change until the final release.

Source MDL via Neowin