Microsoft will deliver Windows 9 preview on September 30

Windows 9 "Threshold" Start Menu concept from demo at Build conference.

Microsoft is reportedly planning to officially introduce the next version of its operating system during a special press event next month. The news was announced by The Verge, who states that sources familiar to the company’s plan is preparing a press event on September 30, to talk and show Windows Threshold.

The date isn’t settle, so this may change in the future, but it does coincide with recent reports from ZDNet that suggested the software maker could be releasing a technical preview of Windows 9 by the end of September or beginning of October.

Now for what I hear, the Threshold preview will focus on business features, but consumers and developers will also get a first sneak peek to what Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows. For example, the return of the Start menu, remove to the Charms bar and Cortana, among other features. Though it’s unclear what features the technical preview will include.

The next version of Windows is currently codenamed “Threshold”, but while the company may decide to name the next operating system “Windows 9”. It’s unlikely that Microsoft will reveal the name for the Windows 8 successor at the September 30 press event (location still unknown). However one thing for sure is that the company will demo the key new features in the OS and it will release the so call “technical preview” for developers and everyone interested.

Microsoft is also working on merging Windows RT with Windows Phone, but the company isn’t expected to offer any details at the press event.

Source The Verge