Windows 9 virtual desktops to be called ‘multi-tasking’ and here’s how it’ll work

Multi-tasking feature in Windows 9

A Microsoft’s partner version of Windows Technical Preview recently leaked unveiling many of the new features the company is working on for Windows 9, including virtual desktops. And now we have a little more information on how this “virtual desktops” feature is going to work.

For starters the new details point out that Microsoft may not use the “virtual desktops” name, instead the company may opt to call it “multi-tasking”. One of the reasons for the name is because is more accurate and less confusing, adding the word “virtual” to the mix could make some non-technical users fear the feature.

How multi-tasking is going to work? In Windows Technical Preview build 9834, the taskbar integrates a button to activate, view, add or remove this concept of multi-tasking. Once clicked a screen wide black stripe appears, which allows users to switch between desktops with the option to add more desktops (currently I don’t know the desktop limit, but I’ll figure out and update accordingly), and hovering over a desktop will display a live preview, giving you a visual sneak peek of what’s running on that particular desktop.

Virtual desktops in Windows 9 Technical Preview

If you don’t have any desktop you’ll see an “Add a desktop” tile.

Add a desktop option multi-tasking in Windows 9 Technical Preview

On a touch-enabled Windows 9 PC or tablet, you’ll be able to open the multi-tasking feature by swiping in from the left to manage, add or remove, or switch to a specific desktop, and a fast swipe from left, much like in Windows 8, will cycle through each active desktop.

September 30th is fast approaching, it’s not a long time wait to test the new operating system, but if we’re already seeing real leaked images, it shouldn’t take much longer to an ISO version of Windows Technical Preview build 9834 ready for download.

Source Neowin