Windows 9’s virtual desktops demonstrated on video

We have seen that Microsoft will be including the virtual desktops feature thanks to recent leaked screenshots from the Windows Technical Preview build 9834, the version of Windows that Microsoft is delivering to partners. But today there is a new video in YouTube from that demos multi-desktop feature in Windows 9 fully.

The video shows that users can create up to 7 different “virtual desktops”, but it remains unclear if the number of desktops is limited to the screen size and how it is going to work with multiple monitor setup.

We can also see that users can easily create new virtual desktops by simply clicking the plus (+) button and users can easily remove them by clicking the (X).

Multi-desktop is a versatile feature, while on a new desktop users can open as many apps as they want, then when is time to switch simply click the “multi-desktop” icon in the taskbar. Hovering over each desktop brings a listing of all the apps open in a particular desktop, and users can even close app right from the preview.

Here is the thing… When launching, if that particular apps is already open on a different desktop, Windows 9 won’t open another instance of the application, instead users will be taken to the desktop that has that app running. Users will notice about this action, because in the taskbar will be a marker in the icon of the apps that is running on another desktop.

This feature seems to be an advanced version of CTRL+TAB, because it basically works in the same way.

Source YouTube