Windows 9: Wi-Fi Sense evidence discovered in build 9834

Microsoft Windows 9 (Threshold)

Recently leaked version of Windows 9 revealed many already implemented features coming to the operating system. Now, we’re seeing that Microsoft is planning to bring Windows Phone 8.1’s Wi-Fi Sense to Windows 9 too.

Wi-Fi Sense is a new feature introduced in the latest version of Windows Phone that let users connect automatically to nearby wireless hotspots. The unique functionality of Wi-Fi Sense is that it can automatically accept the terms of use on the user’s behalf and provides additional information for the networks that requires it.

Also users can exchange password-protected Wi-Fi network access with contact on Facebook,, and Skype to allow others to connect without much hassle.

Now, let’s be clear on one thing: The feature isn’t implemented just yet, only a registry entry was found in the Windows Technical Preview build 9834 that hints Wi-Fi Sense might be coming. So we might have to wait until another build to see if Microsoft adds this new feature.

Windows 9 Wi-Fi Sense registry entry

Even though, the Wi-Fi Sense isn’t fully integrated at this point, we yet see another sign of Microsoft trying to merge Windows with Windows Phone to bring a unified experience across devices, and it’s not just going to combine Windows RT and Windows Phone as we heard before.