Windows Hello facial recognition for Windows 10 video demo

New video shows off Windows Hello using the Intel RealSense 3D Camera to sign in to WIndows 10 with facial recognition.

Windows 10 is due on July 29, and thus far we have seen the majority of the improvements and features Microsoft has been introducing to the new operating system. However, one feature we haven’t be able to try out is Windows Hello, which let users sign-in securely without the need of a password using fingerprint or facial recognition, or iris.

In part, the reason we haven’t been able to test the new security features was because the lack of hardware and software that support Windows Hello.

While we have seen Microsoft in the past demoing Windows Hello, we haven’t see a public demo until today. My friend, Richard Hay, from WinSuperSite, had the chance to get his hand on an Intel RealSense 3D Camera and he has put together a great video demonstrating how Windows Hello is setup and how it works on Windows 10.

The demonstration was possible thanks to the Windows 10 SDK (build 10158), which Microsoft released a couple of weeks back.