Windows Subsystem for Android August 2022 update
Preview release

Windows Subsystem for Android gets August 2022 update

Microsoft makes a new WSA update available with various improvements and fixes, and here's all you need to know.

  • Windows 11 gets a new WSA update through the Windows Insider Program in August.
  • The update brings new options to the Android Settings app.
  • The update also includes several fixes, improvements, and one known issue.

Microsoft has released a new update (version 2206.40000.15.0) for its Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on Windows 11. The update is available through the Windows Insider Program and includes several new features and improvements.

According to the announcement, the August 2022 update introduces a new set of options to improve the experience in certain apps. It also includes improvements for scrolling, networking, graphics, and VPN, and you will find security updates and other fixes.

WSA August 2022 update changes

Here’s the list of changes for the Windows Subsystem for Android version 2206.40000.15.0:

  • A new suite of shims is available to toggle in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app, enabling better experiences in several apps: Compatibility for games with joysticks (mapped to WASD), gamepad in games, aiming in games with arrow keys, and sliding in games with arrow keys.
  • Improvements for scrolling, networking, and graphics.
  • Android minimum window size defaulted to 220dp.
  • Improved dialog when unsupported VPN is detected.
  • New toggle to view/save diagnostic data in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app
  • Security updates.
  • General reliability fixes, including improvements to diagnostic sizes.

As for the known issues, this release has only one problem with some VPNs that may not work with Advanced Networking. 

The Windows Subsystem for Android update should download and install automatically. However, you can always download it manually from the Library’s page in the Microsoft Store app and by clicking the “Get updates” button.