Windows Terminal for Windows 10 now in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft makes available the first preview of the new Windows Terminal app for Windows 10, and here's how to get it.

Windows Terminal download for Windows 10

The Windows Terminal is the new command line app for Windows 10 designed to be the primary experience to use Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Linux distros (using the Windows Subsystem for Linux), and it’s now available for download (as preview) from the Microsoft Store.

Although you can already use command tools with the Windows Console, the Windows Terminal is a complete new and modernized application that will also bring support for tabs as well as customization options, such as theming and developer focus settings.

In addition, the new experience will even support emoji and GPU-based text rendering.

While the first preview is still pretty rough and many things don’t work correctly, you can already use the terminal with tabs, you can launch Command Prompt and PowerShell sessions, but the settings page is not yet available.

Windows Terminal preview
Windows Terminal preview

If you want to give the new terminal a try, you can download the preview from the Microsoft Store on any device running Windows 10 version 18362 or higher.