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Windows Terminal gets new features with version 0.7

Windows Terminal app gets panes, tab reordering, and a bunch of other improvements, and here's all you need to know.

Windows Terminal 0.7 (source: Microsoft)

Microsoft is making available version 0.7 of the Windows Terminal app with new features and improvements.

According to the software giant, the app designed to be the primary experience to use Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Linux distros is getting panes, tab reordering, the ability to suppress app title, some interface improvements, and bug fixes.


Starting with version 0.7, you can split the terminal window into multiple panes allowing to have multiple Command Prompts in the same window. (Currently it works only with the default profile.)

Tab reordering

If you work with multiple tabs, you can click and drag to reorder them in any position. (Currently it works only when using the app as an administrator.)

Suppress application title

You can now remove all title change events from the application running within your Terminal. So, you can have either the “name” or “tabTitle” of your profile appear in your tab without it updating.

Interface improvements

As part of the interface improvements, version 0.7 removes the thick border around the Terminal.

If you want to try out the new windows Terminal, you can download the preview from the Microsoft Store on any device running Windows 10 version 18362 or higher release. In the case that you already have the app, then this update will download and install automatically.