Leaked Windows 9 screenshots reveals updated Start menu and bit more

Windows Threshold Start menu leak image version 6.4 build 9795

By now we all know that the Start menu is coming in Windows Threshold, the next version of the operating system, which may or may not be called “Windows 9”. During the last Build developer conference Microsoft showed off a concept of how the new Start menu will look like, and today a new screenshot surfaced on the web showing a little more of how the menu looks like in Windows 9. Also we can see another leaked screenshot that shows the Windows Store windowed floating on the Desktop.

Although it’s almost impossible to verify the authenticity of the leaked images, they look very real. And if they are real, keep in mind that everything we see today and until the day Microsoft actually ships the final version of the operating system things can always change and look different.

Windows 9 Start menu leak image version 6.4 build 9795


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According to the screenshots the changes come from version 6.4 build 9795, which is on track with the internal versioning at Microsoft.


The company has been somewhat silent about Windows Threshold, officially there isn’t much information, but the company has promised a preview of the software before the end of 2014. And we’re expecting the full new version to release sometime in 2015 and the company will also be releasing improvements to the Xbox One operating system, and it’s working on merging Windows Phone software with Windows RT. This merge will finally remove the Desktop from the operating system, focusing mainly on modern apps.

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