Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard arrives to iPhone (download)

The great Word Flow Keyboard app for Windows phones now available for download on iPhone, and it includes Arc mode for easy, ergonomic one-handed typing.

Microsoft releases its amazing Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone, and it’s not just another keyboard, the Word Flow app is known to be one of the best keyboards you can get in your smartphone, and now it’s also available for free on iOS.

Just like the version for Windows phone, the version for iPhone let you tap or swipe with accurate prediction to complete what you’re writing correctly and without mistakes.

Word Flow also can provide suggestions for the next word you’re about to type, and the system learns as you use it over time.

The keyboard can also access your contacts to learn and predict the names you’re about to type.

In addition, the Word Flow Keyboard can be easily customized with free backgrounds included with the app, and of course, you can always use a different image from your library.

One of the unique and best feature of the app is the one-handed mode that allows you to swipe or tap words using only your thumb on an arc keyboard layout.

So, if you’re looking for the best keyboard for your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus, look no further, the Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard is what you’re looking for.

At the moment Word Flow on iOS is available in the US for English language only.