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How to get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $5/month (instead of $15) for up to 3 years

Microsoft will convert your Xbox Live Gold subscription into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, and here are the steps to do it.

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Although you can just get the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for its regular $14.99/month to access the game library and enjoy multiplayer online gaming with Xbox Live, this is a workaround that can get you up to 36 months for a fraction of the cost (around $5/month).

According to the Microsoft site, there’s a limited time promotion that says that “as an Insider benefit, when you join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to give feedback, we will apply any prepaid time you have on Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass or both toward Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, up to a maximum of 36-months.”

This means that if you already have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, and you apply for the 1-month-for-$1 deal on your Microsoft account, whatever time there’s left in the subscription (up to 36 months) could be transferred to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

How to convert Xbox Live Gold into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The offer was first spotted at Slickdeals, and it appears to be working for many people, but the offer can end at any time as the originally deadline was June 13, 2019.

Important: This isn’t a glitch or trick, it’s how the deal actually works. You’re just making the most of it while the upgrade promotion last.

To try getting this deal, use these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft account.

  2. Click on Services & subscriptions.

  3. Apply as many months as you can afford (up to 36 months) of Xbox Live Gold.

  4. Once you verified in the “Services & subscriptions” tab that you have enough months, click this link to get the Xbox Game Pass for $1 deal.

After you complete the steps, your Xbox Live Gold subscription should converted into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and you’ll be able to access all its benefits, including Xbox Live, for the remaining time. After the period ends, you’ll need to pay the $14.99 to continue with the service, but you can always opt out and continue with the Xbox Live Gold membership only.