Microsoft Xbox Live gets rebranded to Xbox network

Xbox Live is no more, as Microsoft rebrands the gaming online service to the "Xbox network."

Xbox Live logo (old)

Microsoft is in the process of changing the “Xbox Live” brand to “Xbox network.” According to a new report from The Verge, the software giant has confirmed the name change. The phrase “Xbox network” is already present in the Xbox dashboard for Insiders testing upcoming releases of the game operating system.

The report also points out that the new name refers to the Xbox online service as it now appears in the Microsoft Services Agreement, and it is intended to distinguish the service from the Xbox Live Gold membership.

The “Xbox Live” name was first used to describe the Xbox service to connect and play Xbox with friends, download games, and more since it was initially launched almost two decades ago. Xbox Live Gold was the subscription plan that allowed you to access the network and its features.

Although this is happening now, it seems that Microsoft has been planning the rebrand for a long time since the “Xbox network” reference first appeared last year in the updated Service Agreement. However, according to the report, Microsoft stated that it was not planning to change the name, but now, the rebranding is official.