Xbox One controller gets firmware update, here is how to update

Xbox One controllers have a brain of their own and here's how you can improve their functionality by installing the latest firmware update.

Xbox One Wireless Controller update

Microsoft is pushing a new Xbox One system update soon and also a firmware update for the console’s controller. The Xbox One controller firmware update aims to improve reliability and connectivity.

The software maker is rolling out the update immediately to those who are part of the Xbox One Preview Program; everyone else will be getting the update in the coming weeks.

The update will do the following:

  • Quick Connect: Microsoft is cutting the time that it takes for the controller to power-on and connect to the console from five to two seconds.
  • Stability improvements:  The latest firmware will provide a bunch of fixes to address problem submitted by Xbox One owners and preview members.

How to update an Xbox One controller firmware

To update to the latest firmware do the following:

  1. Connect your controller to Xbox one using a USB cable. Also keep any headsets connected to the controller.

  2. Sign-in to Xbox Live.

  3. Open Settings and navigate to Devices & accessories, and select the controller. (If you have more than one controller, select Buzz, to vibrate the controller you’re about to update.)

  4. Select Update to download the latest firmware to the controller you attached to Xbox One. At this point the screen will show the Updating controller… message.

  5. When you see the Controller updated message, press B to go back to Devices & accessories.

  6. Select the controller once again and the Firmware version now should read 1.2.2236.0.

Source Microsoft