Microsoft unveils Xbox One Media Remote for the console

Xbox One Media Remote

Microsoft unveils the Xbox One Media Remote accessory. Sure it’s fun to use Kinect gestures and voice commands, but sometimes you also want to control your entertainment with the familiar remote control.

The new Xbox One Media Remote allows you to control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One. Also the remote features a OneGuide button to get access to your favorite TV and movies, and it also features a useful Back button.

Even more the new remote control for the console can control your TV and Receiver power and volume using the Kinect’s IR blasting capabilities. Another interesting feature is the backlit buttons that illuminates as you grab the remote.

Here is a first look at the remote from Microsoft’s Xbox Live Larry Hryd:

The Xbox One Media Remote will be available early in March worldwide and in the U.S. will cost $24.99.

Source Microsoft