Xbox One to get transparent tiles to let users see more of the background

Xbox One transparent tiles

Through the first year of Xbox One, Microsoft has released over 100 visual updates and hundreds of changes under-the-hood. And even though, the company will not be releasing any new updates in 2014, it seems that the company hasn’t stop working on new updates coming in 2015.

During a Twitch live stream, Microsoft’s Major Nelson, intentionally or unintentionally, revealed that the Xbox team is working to add transparent tiles to the Xbox One dashboard. The new UI update looks similar to the wallpaper option included in Windows Phone. However, unlike the Windows Phone, Xbox One will simply add transparency to the certain tiles in the dashboard to allow user to see more of the background.

Though, it’s unclear if this will be feature enabled by default, if users will have to manually enable it, or if transparent tiles will just switch-on automatically when adding a custom background.

It makes sense of Microsoft going this route, as the company recently added a new option to Xbox One to add customs backgrounds on the dashboard, but because of tiles taking much of the space, they block big part of any custom wallpaper. In the future update, if the company pushes the new tile transparency, this won’t be an issue anymore.

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Source Reddit | @WinObs Thanks for the tip!