Xbox One gets its first Patch Tuesday fixing SmartGlass and other important issues

Xbox One complete system (console, kinect, and controller)

It seems that Microsoft will also be including Xbox One in its monthly regular Patch Tuesday updates. In a new article from the Major Nelson blog, Larry Hryb detailed how the Xbox One system update works as, because it’s a bit different to what Xbox 360 owners were used to.

Here is how things work updating your Xbox One game console:

Scenario #1:

If you’re using Xbox One with the “Instant On” feature, the console will check for updates as soon you turn it off. When the update is available the following will occur:

  • Xbox One will download the update after is turned off. Once the download completes the console will shut down completely, therefore voice commands won’t work — you’ll need to physically turn on the console.
  • When you turn the system back on, the update will install, and a reboot will happen — If you see the Xbox One logo with the green background, this means that the update is installing –. The installation could take up to 5 minutes, once the Xbox One update is applied, you’ll see the dashboard again.

Xbox One updating

Now, don’t get scared if you were not home for a few days and then you say “Xbox: On” and nothing happens. You now know that it is possible that the console automatically shut down after downloading the update.

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Scenario #2:

If you’re not using the Xbox One “Instant On” feature, you’ll need to manually download and install the update.

What’s in the first Xbox One Patch Tuesday?

According to Hryb the latest Xbox One update 6.2.10217.0 (xb_rel_launch.131205-2200) addresses multiple issues in the game console:

  • Fixes SmartGlass problems when the console comes in and out of connected standby.
  • Fixes issues with inconsistent notifications.
  • Fixes multiplayer problems when rejoining games.
  • Fixes dashboard performance.
  • Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues.
  • Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time.

Source Major Nelson