Your Phone app becomes Phone Link for Windows 11

Phone Link app rolls out with a new name, design changes, and more Android phone support.

Phone Link app
  • Microsoft renames Your Phone to Phone Link.
  • The update also brings support for Honor phones.
  • You will also find design changes to align with the Windows 11 design style.

Microsoft is now rolling out an updated version of Your Phone that renames the app to Phone Link and brings support for more devices as well as new design changes.

Like the Your Phone app, Phone Link allows you to connect your Android phone to send and receive text messages, make calls directly from the desktop, sync the clipboard, and the ability to run your mobile apps on Windows 11.

Also, until now, the more advanced integrations like clipboard sync and running Android apps on the desktop was limited to Samsung devices, but now Microsoft is adding support for Honor phones. Even further, the company is saying that it will also expand these and other advanced features with other Android phones in the future.

As part of the design changes, the Phone Link app ships with an updated interface that aligns with the design language available on Windows 11 with rounded corners, mica material, color palette, and more. Also, the update brings better management for notifications.