How to disable Facebook Timeline (Temporary Trick)

How to disable Facebook Timeline

In this article you are going to find out how to disable Facebook Timeline using Firefox, Google Chrome, and if you still using the old Internet Explorer 7.

As we all know by now, Facebook Timeline is already out, for now it is an opt-in process, but soon all profiles may get it and the company it is not letting users to revert back to the old profile that it was possible in the past  — How to disable Facebook Timeline [Step-by-Step] –; this does not have to stop users from trying to get back their old profile, right? So here is a temporary workaround trick that doesn’t require to delete an app. 

Apparently Facebook Timeline has a problem dealing with old web browser, most specific Internet Explorer 7, that makes it hard to revert back to the old classic Facebook profile that we’re all used to. So this means that if we can find a way to tell Facebook that we are using IE7, automatically without modifying anything in your profile, you’ll have access back again to your classic profile.

But how you can do that? Well… No one wants you to use an outdated software, so we turn to something called User Agent switcher. This is a plugin, extension or settings, depending on which web browser software you are using, that are capable to configure the browser to pretend that it is some other web browser software, in this case Internet Explorer 7.

Before continuing, I would like to be specific that this is just a workaround, I have not idea for how long this is going to work. You are not actually disabling your timeline, you are just telling Facebook that your web browser is an older version that will not support the Timeline feature, and this way Facebook answers back with a compatible version of the site.

I have found three ways in which you can do this, so you chose whatever is easier. My recommendation would be using Safari because is super easy — just a personal note, I am a Google Chrome user but in this case it takes fewer steps to use Safari. 

How to disable Facebook Timeline on Firefox

1 While in Firefox click the Orange Firefox button and add-ons.

2 In the search box on the top-right corner do a search for “User Agent Switcher”, when you see it, click Install and then restart Firefox to complete the installation — Make sure you are using this Firefox Add-on.

3 If you don’t see the plugin’s icon in the navigation bar, right-click the navigation bar and select Customize.

4 Look for the plugin button and drag & drop to the navigation bar.

5 Now, just click the User Agent Switcher button and navigate through Internet Explorer and select Internet Explorer 7.

Disable Facebook Timeline - Firefox

6 Finally go to and log-in to your profile and you should be seeing your old profile.

Important: Don’t forget to get back to defaults once you are done using Facebook by click the User Agent Switcher button and choosing Default User Agent to avoid other websites from displaying incorrectly.

How to disable Facebook Timeline on Safari

1 This is pretty simple, if you don’t have Safari installed in your system go to this page —, download the latest version of Safari web browser and install it.

2 Enable the developer tools in Safari by hitting the Alt key, go to Edit , then click on Preferences, and from the Advanced tab, check Show Develop menu in menu bar.

3 Press the Alt key to bring up all the menus.

4 Go to Develop, navigate User Agent and select Internet Explorer 7.0.

Disable Facebook Timeline - Safari

5 Visit your Facebook profile and the classic profile should now be there.

Important: To go back to the default settings, simply restart the web browser.

How to disable Facebook Timeline on Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome can be a little bit challenging for some users, but it is not impossible. 

If you are not willing to manually go back and forth with this method, I would recommend you to first manually create a Google Chrome profile and use it just to access Facebook. Don’t worry I got you cover on this one — How to create additional profiles in Google Chrome.

1 Go to Start, do a search for Chrome and from the results right-click Google Chrome and select Properties.

2 In the Target field, append the following at the end of the path that is already there (add a space between chrome.exe and the following line):

Windows Vista and Windows 7

--user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

Windows XP users

--user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)"

After you append the above line the Target field should look something like this:

C:\Users\your-username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe --user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

Disable Facebook Timeline Chrome

3 When you finish, click Apply and then OK.

4 Restart Google Chrome and log-in to your Facebook account and the old profile should be there.

If you are having trouble, here is a video on how to add a command line switch to Google Chrome:

How to disable Facebook Timeline on Internet Explorer 7

Well… No trick here, if you’re still using the web browser software, just log-in to Facebook and your classic profile should be there.

Warning:  There is a chance that your Facebook profile may not display 100% correctly, but it still works and it is worth trying.

I wanted to get to you all this as fast as I could, so images for each step are coming… I hope this helps many that are looking a way to disable or turn off Facebook Timeline. 

Please leave comments and share this. If you have another method that also works let us know.

Important:  When leaving a comment in request for help, please let us know which method is the one you used, version of operating system version and anything else that can help to better help you. Thanks.

Thanks to our awesome reader, Meni Kritifou, who tip us about using a user agent switcher add-on on Firefox to access the old Facebook profile.

Feb. 17, 2012 update

How to get rid of Facebook Timeline – This is the other way

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  • Liondza

    i did as u said it for google chrome, i pasted the link,restardet both chrome and computer but nothing happened…it doesnt worked…any suggestion???

    • mhweb

      Liondza thank you for your comment. Now I have some images for you to use as reference and make sure that you only append –user-agent=”–user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” at the end of your path in the target field and also make sure that you leave a space between the path and this new line.

      • jane (RJ:Mommyjane)

        i have followed the instructions and facebook timeline is still there. :(

        • mhweb

          Hello Jane, let me know which method you tried that way I can see how I can help you.
          Also If you didn’t try using Safari web browser, it is easier that way.


  • MM

    unable to do, error comes up the “name specifeid in target box is invalid .. make sure path & file name are correct

    • mhweb

      Hi MM, make sure that you are only using –user-agent=”–user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” to append to the path.
      This line is just a reference C:Usersyour-usernameAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” you have to use your own path that is already there.

    • Trishn29

      don’t forget the space…..

    • Nakohakikirat

      Only add space at the end of target box text and copy and paste the text from above. Don’t delete(“) sign if it is there.

    • fvfreak

      he said that! near chrome.exe(space)(put the code here) or
      –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)” put this n ur done!

  • Weezyk200

    This timeline is stupid . . . . there is no app for it so i cant delete it . i need some suggestions on how to delete this timeline !

    • mhweb

      Hi Weezyk200, the problem is that before Timeline became available to everyone, it was only available for developers, so you needed to create an app in order to have access to enable Timeline. Now that the feature became available worldwide there is not way to disable Facebook timeline.
      If the services was still for developers only this would it worked.


  • viva

    sorry but this definetely doesn’t work.

    • mhweb

      Can you tell me which method have you tried? Because I don’t know for how long this is going to work, I just tested it again and these methods are working fine.


  • Natalie Holland-Summers

    I got it to work in FF. There’s this whole white space, but i dont even care. I thought the timeline could be cool, but it’s not. ugh

    • mhweb

      Natalie thank you for the comment. Yeah I noticed the white space, but it is a small price to pay to not deal with Timeline.
      I am glad it helped. I hope you visit us again : )
      PS: If I can find a way to deal with the white space I’ll will publish it ASAP.


  • דאניאלה מארילון

    me timeline is still here… nothing happened.. i followed the steps fr chrome.. O.o

  • mahendra1270

    I Hate Timeline!!!!!!!!!!! How to disable facebook timeline

    • Mauro

      You are not alone… Thanks for your comment.

  • John Jaynard Yap

    hi i did what u exactly said but the target field only shows this:”C:Program FilesGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”
    nothing follows after chrome.exe

    • mhweb

      after the chrome.exe you leave one space and add the following to that path that is already there –user-agent=”–user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)”

      Note: At the begin of the line of code I am pasting here has 2 dashes.


  • mhweb

    They seem to work fine, please let us know which method is the one you are trying to use and in which step you got stuck.


  • Elllbelllx3

    do other people see it as the old profile or do just you

    • mhweb

      Hello Elllbelllx3, when you are using this method you are not modifying anything on your Facebook profile, you are just tricking FB with a web browser. So to answer your question, you are the only one who sees the old profile.
      Facebook is not letting users to revert back to their old profiles, Timeline is the way that all profiles are going to be.

      I hope this clears your question.

  • Jnx

    This is really helpful but the thing is that many people don’t like nor want time line in their profiles, this workaround is not gonna make it disappear from our accounts. we need to stop mark zuckerberg and his evil plan of making this the default profile for all of us, he needs to take into consideration what “we” the people would like in our profiles!

    • mhweb

      Jnx thanks for your comment. The company should have taken a different direction in the way that they are approaching the new changes. I hope they listen to their users and do things right.

  • TJ

    not working, says 
    name specifeid in target box is invalid .. make sure path & file name are correct

  • dhing pangan


  • Nikola Ilic

    I managed to come back, but otherwise looks the same: (

    • mhweb

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I just fixed the post and now the code should work OK. And I also added the switch if there are some users running Windows XP.

      Try it one more time.

  • Nikola Ilic

    I managed to come back, but otherwise looks the same: (

  • mhweb

    Thank you for your feedback TJ. If you were trying to use the Chrome method now is fixed. Just in case here is the code again:

    Windows Vista and Windows 7

    –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)”

    Windows XP users

    –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)”

    • 3ve

      plzzzzzzzzzzz help me out here i tried what u said and it doesnt work im so frustrated i just wanna delete my account, i still see my timeline, it suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :( :( :( 

      • mhweb

        3ve give Safari a try, it is a lot simpler that way. The download and installation is just the matter of next, next, next and then when you open the browser, press the ALT key and from the file menu, click Develop, navigate through User Agents and select Internet Explorer 7. It is really simple that way.


  • Amy Glenn

    Oh my god Timeline is the worst thing Facebook has ever made. We need a petition!!! I am going to create one and post it here so we can all sign!

    • K.M.

      lol….my daughter just said the same thing. Let us know when it’s out & we’ll sign it :)



  • Tamstephanie187

    how can I have my notes back? :(

  • Claire Green

    I have an old computer and I have windows 95… I also use chrome and It didnt work. I really hate time line and wish facebook would quit upgrading stupid stuff….. Nothing happened when I did what you told me. Is it my windows or is it perhaps that I typed it in wrong?

    • mhweb

      The switch for Chrome is for Windows XP Service Pack 2 and later and the other one is for Windows Vista and up. So it is highly that it is not going to work in your case. You should try the Firefox method or Safari.

  • Irusso1245

    if timeline keeps going. facebook’s IPO is gonna go wayy down.

  • Muhammad I Amien

    i did the instructions for chrome using xp and it worked but everything is blank below my name on my profile

    • mhweb

      Thanks Muhammand I Amien for your comment, yes that is the little price to pay to be able to see your old Facebook profile again. Let’s hope the company change its policy and allow users to switch back.

  • Francois1301

    thanks for this helpful article… i can’t unfriend a lot of friends using timeline unless i revert back to the old one… :D

  • Fgvfgvfgbv

    I didnot work :(

  • Reid

    quick question,
    are these only for windows OS?
    i’ve tried the safari, FF, and chrome switches but it seems as though it must be done a different way.

    thanks for you commitment dude, you’re a legend!

    • mhweb

      Reid thank you for your comment. This article was intended for PC users, but the workaround on Safari and FF should work on all supported OSs. On Chrome the switch it should work as well, now the only think is different the way you apply it, just because how other OSs work.


  • viva

    why others still see my profile in the style of timeline?

    • mhweb

      Hello viva, others can see your profile in the style of timeline because what you are reading in here is just a little work around using the web browser and you are the only one that can see it. This doesn’t disable Timeline. If you want others to see the old profile style, they would have to use the how-to described here as well.


  • lok123
    • Angelielu_08

      how to disabled timeline?

  • Lambang

    I have quoted string in the [Target] box like this:

    “C:Documents and SettingsHRLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”

    How to add multiple quotes in this string?

  • Evj0214

    I got it to work in FF but sadly it’s just temporary. . Thanks anyway . .

  • mhweb

    Hello Lambang, just leave a space and append the Google Chrome switch next to “C:Documents and SettingsHRLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”

    it should look similar to this: “C:Documents and SettingsHRLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” –user-agent=”Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)”

    if you want to add more than one, add at the end another space and paste another switch.

  • Mary Ann Bittle

    Hello, all – since this is just temporary, here are 3 links to complain directly to facebook. Please use all 3, keep using them every day, and share them with everyone you can… there are literally dozens of “I hate the timeline” pages on FB, and if we *all* complain, it might just do some good.

    Tell them we want to opt out!

    Timeline feedback form – tell ’em what you think!


    Let them know you think it sucks and you want a way to opt out!

    Best of luck to us all!

  • Ola Amarien

    thank you so much… but can i repeat this whenever or only once? plus do you think facebook developers will change it? i mean so we (victims ) could be able to revert to the old one? 

  • Prince

    timeline is a virus

    • Anonymous

      I think we should make a page to start a protest against the new facebook. If it goes viral we may get what we want. Please like if you think its a good idea.

  • Janet Lim

    i did everything as stated for google chrome but when i went to my fb profile there was a huge empty space at the top of my profile where the stupid cover was supposed to be:( it looks really ugly:(

    • mhweb

      Janet, thank you for your comment. And yes, that is the little price to pay to try using the old profile style.

  • Vikas4u07

    wow !!! Its a good trick….i shared it to one of my friend as he was pissed off by this timeline crap…… thanks to u !!

  • Jamahl Benson

    After applying the User Agent change, there is a problem with big blank gaps in the pages between the header and the page content. I managed to fix these gaps by installing the FB Purity browser extension :

  • Baysky

    That is a neat trick – I have got rid of timeline layout on Mac mini running Firefox 10.0  WIll do it on my other macs.  Many thanks for the post

  • dona


                  Bad developers and they don,t have thinking capacity (R&D), I would like to deactivate face book account now, because of time line

  • Missacheung

    hey this worked. THANK YOU!!!
    unfortunately, none of my friends can respond to my posts or write on my wall. i have those settings on my FB set to friends. any idea why this is happening or how to fix? Thanks!

  • NIshanSahib

    Revert back is redundant English. I suggest you correct the grammatical error in this post.
    Thank you.

  •ányay-Veronika/1170512326 Abrudbányay Veronika

    Great stuff, thank you.

  • Akhan555

    Support our facebook page to help get rid of timeline:

    • mhweb

      Akhan555 thank you for your comment, I am glad it worked.

    • Alina


  • Geoneld

    I want this new timeline app but my friends wouldn’t  because it so annoying and they were getting lost not just like the old one. 

  • Ruxxy96

    the things on my wall, my wall starts when the friend list on the left ends! what’ s wrong!

    • mhweb

      Ruxxy96 – That is because your using an older version browser compatibility mode, but that is the only way it works.

  • Ella Ortiz

    I Hate Timeline…….

  • Lema

    i did it and it worked, but just for me ! i mean… others still see the timeline

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    its irritated………….. i dnt like facebook timeline…….

  • Lucia B

    So if you disable the timeline on your end, would your friends also see your profile revert back to the old profile look?

  • mhweb

    Sadly not, only you.
    Thank Lucia B for your comment.

  • Rita Linkes

    How do you delete Timeline on Facebook?

  • Candice Coombs

    i want to remove the timeline from facebook and im using internet explorer 8…please help me

  • Robert Goldberg

    There is no ALT key on a Macintosh. I presume you mean Option?

  • Aly

    I am using Firefox and this did not work

  • Oyani33

    i use the mozilla. i disable it, but only who can see my old facebook, my friends see my account in timeline

    • mhweb

      You are the only one who can see the old profile or others who has disable Timeline with this or any other workaround.
      There is not way to totally disable Facebook Timeline.

  • Fajar A. Putri

    I use temporary workaround trick on firefox and it didn’t work. My profil still in timeline. Can you help me?

    • mhweb

      Hello Fajar, which version of Firefox do you have installed? Do you have this add-on installed
      Let me know to try to better help you.


    • Brenda

      Do it with the Google Chrome,after you are done make sure you restart your computer. If that don’t work let me know it is posted on my facebook page how to do it,much easier than this trys to tell ya. Brenda ONeal