Second update for Windows 8.1 may release in August

Windows 8.1 Update Start screen context menu

Microsoft readying next update for Windows, according to a new report from Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet, the software giant is working on the second major update for Windows 8.1, which could be arriving some time in August. 

The news follows recent information from Russian leaker WZOR, who stated that Windows 8.1 Update 2 (or Windows 8.2) was scheduled to release in September time frame, however Mary Jo Foley’s report states that the next update could be released as soon as August. 

Perhaps the biggest piece of information is that the next update may also mark the return of the new Start menu for Windows — the one Microsoft demoed during the Build 2014 developer conference in San Francisco –, but the ability to float windows modern apps in the desktop it is unlikely to be included with the next August update for Windows 8.1 though. Microsoft may be leaving this feature for Windows 9, which is likely to appear some time in 2015. 

Also it appears that the software maker is working to unify the current set of Windows SKUs to deliver only one consumer SKU of the operating system that will work on Windows Phones and smaller tablets. According to Foley, this version of Windows won’t include the Desktop environment, which means that users won’t be able to run traditional applications. Apparently this new SKU won’t be a new version of Windows RT as we know today, but the company will keep offering an ARM-based version of the OS, which it looks like it will be free. 

No doubt Microsoft is trying to fix its operating system, Windows 8.1 Update was a major relief for users with keyboard and mouse. But now with the new updates coming it seems that part of Microsoft wants to separate desktop and mobile users, something many customers have complained since the original version of Windows 8 was released.  

Source ZDNet 

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  • nobody231

    I hope August comes soon!

  • obadiahorthodox

    i refuse to use windows again until they get rid of the start screen with the ugly tiles

    • Mauro

      I really believe that the Start menu will make happy a lot of people. But I wonder if users will be able to disable the Live Tiles…


      • Cosmin Tataru

        no need to disable, simply don’t add them ?

    • frznsld

      The tiles are great! Clearly you don’t know what they’re for/what they can do, and btw, there’s a setting that will get rid of them in 2 clicks and you’ll never have to see them again if you hate them that much. Further, there IS a Start menu. Hover your mouse on the lower left corner and it appears, just like magic! What is WRONG with people?! If you haven’t figured these things out by now you have no business using technology . . . I can’t believe people who resist change, particularly minor changes such as these. Obviously they are the ones who have to have the latest and greatest just for the bragging rights of ownership but they have no interest in learning how it works or what it can do, and so they disparage it. Ah, but it’s cool to dump on Microsoft without the slightest idea what they’re talking about. They bear no responsibility of course for their part in taking the time to learn how to use a simple program. What a pathetic society we live in.