Bing Chat Enterprise arrives in Copilot for Windows 11 (preview)

Bing Chat Enterprise arrives to Copilot (preview) for Windows 11 in the Dev and Beta Channels offering better data protection for businesses.

Bing Chat AI big logo
  • Bing Chat Enterprise arrives as a preview for Windows Copilot.
  • The experience is available for eligible commercial customers.
  • The enterprise version of Bing Chat offers data protection and more privacy.

Microsoft is rolling out its Bing Chat Enterprise experience for the Windows Copilot for devices enrolled in the Dev and Beta Channels of the Windows Insider Program, but only for users with commercial licensing.

According to the official announcement, the company notes that its enterprise version of the Bing Chat is available as a limited preview for some commercial customers. (Organizations already using this version of the chatbot on don’t need to perform any extra steps.)

Bing Chat Enterprise is the same chatbot experience you get with Bing Chat today but with added commercial data protection to prevent the data from leaking outside the organization. In addition, Microsoft won’t use customers’ data to train the AI model, and conversations won’t be saved.

Furthermore, Bing Chat Enterprise is grounded in web data, and it offers complete, verifiable answers with citations alongside visual answers that include graphs, charts, and images and is designed in line with the company’s AI principles. (This is similar to the Bing Chat experience for everyone else.)

This offering is free for select Microsoft 365 plans (E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium).

Also, the support for Bing Chat Enterprise is now available on the mobile version of Microsoft Edge.

Although the company isn’t sharing any additional details, the Windows Copilot with Bing Chat integration is expected to become available with the release of Windows 11 23H2 arriving in September or October.