Can you upgrade to Windows 11 for free? Yes, Microsoft confirms.

Microsoft will make Windows 11 a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

Windows 11 Start menu

Yes, Windows 11 will be a free upgrade. On June 24, 2021, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, the next version of its desktop operating system, and as expected, the company has finally confirmed that it will be a free upgrade for devices already running Windows 10

Although this is good news for many users, it’s barely a surprise. Microsoft has made Windows 10 a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and making Windows 11 free is the obvious choice. However, you will need a computer that meets the minimum requirements. This time around, Windows 11 will require a 64-bit processor, 4GB of memory, and 64GB of internal storage. 

Since the new version will be free, Microsoft plans to roll it out through Windows Update like a feature update for Windows 10 devices.

The only thing that the company isn’t saying is that if this version will be free for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. However, it might be the case, since many users using the leaked version of Windows 11 were able to activate the OS with a valid Windows 7 product key.