How to change display orientation to portrait mode on Windows 10

You can change the orientation of the display to a vertical view (portrait), and in this guide, you'll learn how to complete this task on Windows 10.

Windows 10 portrait mode

On Windows 10, we tend to use a display in landscape (horizontal) mode to better utilize the space left to right, but sometimes it would make more sense to change the orientation to portrait (vertical) mode on your desktop computer.

Usually, you may want to do this in a multi-monitor setup, when you want to use a second monitor to display an app or something that shows more information in a vertical orientation, such as a forum, social media, coding application, etc.

Whatever the reason it might be, Windows 10 includes an option to change the display orientation from landscape to portrait.

In this guide, you’ll learn the steps to change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait mode on Windows 10.

Change screen from horizontal to vertical on Windows 10

To change the display orientation to portrait mode, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Click on System.

  3. Click on Display.

  4. Under the “Rearrange your displays” section, select the display you want to rorate.

  5. Under the “Scale and layout” section, use the Display orientation dropdown menu and select the Portrait mode option. (Or the Portrait (flipped) option)

    Windows 10 portrait option
    Windows 10 portrait option

Once you complete the steps, you can start using the display in portrait mode.