How to change Taskbar’s System Tray Quick Settings buttons on Windows 11

Here are the steps to add missing or remove buttons from the Quick Settings flyout on Windows 11.

Windows 11 Quick Settings

On Windows 11, the “Quick Settings” flyout is an interface available through the Taskbar (in the System Tray) that gives you quick access to common features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, Airplane mode, Night light, and others. This is in addition to the settings to control volume and output devices.

If the flyout is missing a specific button (such as Bluetooth, Night Light, etc.) or you want to remove a button, on Windows 11, the flyout includes an option to control the available items.

It’s important to point out that if an option isn’t available, such as the Brightness slider or a button for a specific feature, it’s likely because the device doesn’t support it.

This guide will teach you the easy steps to manage the items available in the Quick Settings flyout of Windows 11.

Add or remove System Tray Quick Settings buttons in Taskbar

To remove or add missing Taskbar’s System Tray Quick Settings buttons on Windows 11, use these steps:

  1. Click the Quick Settings icon in the Taskbar.

    Quick tip: You can also use the “Windows key + A” keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the bottom-right corner.

    Quick Settings edit option

  3. Click the Add button and select the actions button to include in the Taskbar flyout.

    Quick Settings add buttons

  4. (Optional) Click the unpin button to remove actions from the flyout.

    Quick Settings remove buttons

  5. (Optional) Click and drag an action button to rearrange it.

Once you complete the steps, the next time you open the Quick Settings flyout, you will see all the buttons you previously configured.